Mastered for iTunes (MFiT)

Apple's mastering tools at your command

The digital music listening experience started with Apple when they first released iTunes. They’ve since continued to innovate and contributed a number of tools to mastering engineers.

We can make your music sound perfect on iTunes and Apple Music with expertise in using Apple’s dedicated mastering tools and audio specification.

Codec Preview

We can preview your audio in multiple audio codecs to master for every format, including new hi-res and 3D spatial audio formats for cutting-edge online audio releases.

Dynamic Control

MFiT includes specific guidelines on loudness and dynamics. Our engineers follow these closely when producing masters so that they’ll sound perfect on all platforms and destinations.


Apple’s new AAC plugin allows us to preview distortion and clipping after conversion, so we can hear the difference that online streaming platforms will make to your audio.

High Quality Audio

We can supply our masters in high-bitrate or upsampled formats to ensure they’re future-proofed and ready to use for TV and video, too.

"Mastered for iTunes" badge

The MFiT badge shows consumers that the recording will be optimised, and therefore will sound great on modern digital playback systems.


We can process and produce AAC files – Apple’s preferred digital music format – for direct release to iTunes and Apple Music.

Our audio restoration projects are all bespoke – get in touch for a personalised quote.