Music Mastering Services

We’re not a corporation.

To us, your music isn’t “just another job”. It’s our life.

We’re not robots.

We’re artists. We spend time and care working with creatives on their art. And it shows: our masters consistently see 10x better listening performance compared with AI masters.

We’re not amateurs.

We’ve worked with incredible musicians in the UK and worldwide for over a decade, and bring that experience to every job we do.

We’re responsible for mastering the records of Arctic Monkeys, Eska, PJ Harvey, Tale That, Alfie Neale… and many more. Want to add to the list?

Find out how we create incredible masters and get started with a free sample today:

Music Mastering

Whether you’re launching on streaming services, CD or other physical formats, you need your music mastered right.

Tape Mastering

Our custom Studer A80 tape machine takes the digits out of digital mastering. Smooth, warm and punchy.

Audio Restoration

Machines don’t understand music. We do. Breathe new life into old, damaged, noisy or flawed audio.

Mastering for Vinyl

Specialised mastering for perfect vinyl cutting and transfer to analog formats.

Mastering for iTunes

Optimise your music for digital release on iTunes and Apple Music.