Audio Restoration & Remastering

Breathe new life into your sound

From flawed or noisy recordings to poor quality digital samples and synthesis – a lot can go wrong in the process of recording or producing sound. The instinct may be to start again – but you don’t need to.

Whether you’re working with old audio or new recordings which are costly to reproduce, why don’t you tell us about the project to see if we can get things back up to scratch? We can normally get good results at a fraction of the cost and time compared with re-recording.

Old Audio Restoration

Old audio can be difficult to work with, but with experience and precision tools, we can reduce noise, improve balance, remove defects and digitally remaster your older recordings.

Noise Reduction

With work, hum, hiss, crackle, DC and other noise can be reduced, or sometimes even removed completely. Breathe life into your faulty and flawed sound recordings with expert noise reduction.

Sound Replacement

Our precision editing and extensive sound libraries mean that we can replace recorded or MIDI-generated sounds with the ideal alternative, for a transparent and natural result.


Recorded in a big, noisy room with a ton of reverb? We can reduce that to improve clarity and transparency of sound in your recordings.

Analog Media & Archiving

Archiving old-format sound? We can treat and restore your digitised tape and vinyl recordings.


We can treat your old, mastered music, podcasts and audio tracks to match modern playback and listening standards.

Our audio restoration projects are all bespoke – get in touch for a personalised quote.