Music Mastering

Your music - better than it's ever sounded before.

We’re not a big corporation. To us, your music isn’t “just another job”. It’s our life. And we’re not robots – we spend time and care working on your art.

We’ve worked with some of the leading musicians in the UK, and bring that experience to all the work we do. We don’t do average. We craft artfully handmade, fully British music masters. A song has never left our studio without sounding just right, and our research shows that our masters receive over 10x as many listens as AI-mastered songs.

All our masters are analog, tape masters. We use our own custom-built analog electronics and digital audio processors to give you a sound you can’t get anywhere else. What’s more, every master we do is run through our custom-built Studer A80 tape machine.

Advanced Dynamics

We use a combination of Tube-Tech compressors and our custom-built 512-band dynamic processor to give unprecedented precision over your music’s dynamics, while retaining the warmth and punch of analog.

Spectral Perfection

Our custom Pultec EQ gives any material a huge low-end and smooth top-end, and our dynamic EQ allows us to create clarity and transparency enhancing the limiting process for a perfect master.

Stereo Processing

Stereo phasing is an issue we see on more than half of the music we work with. We use the industry-leading iZotope Imager to eliminate this phasing and enhance stereo performance, so your music sounds perfect wherever it’s played.

Tape Mastering

Specialist studios charge into the hundreds to put a song through a tape machine. We put every one of our masters through our customised Studer A80 tape machine for free, so you know you’re getting the best quality possible.

Analog Distortion

Digital audio is incredible for more reasons than we can count. but one thing it’s terrible at is distortion. We apply subtle amounts of analog distortion to make electronically produced music sound real, warm, smooth and lovely.

For All Formats

We’re a specialist studio that can master music for vinyl cutting, CD release, cassette and all online streaming and download platforms. We even provide DDP images with embedded metadata for seamless CD production.

We’re confident that our masters are the best you can get – but despite that, we still charge a flat rate of £40/song – one of the lowest on the market.

We’re also more than happy to produce a free sample for you – simply send us a song to get a 60-120 second fully mastered sample from us within 3 working days. If you’re happy with the result, we’ll give you a 50% discount on the full track – if not, we’ll keep working until you are.