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Let's save the music industry.

More and more music is mastered by robots these days. Before we know it, much of the music we love will be processed by AI at some point, and the sense of craftsmanship and care that goes into great records will be lost.

Think AI mastering websites save you money? Think again.

On average, a song mastered by Sound Sauce receives around 16x the number of listens on Spotify than an unmastered song, and over 10x more than an AI engine (such as Landr). This makes AI masters really bad value.

Our masters are a flat price of £40 each – and for that, you get unlimited revisions, 24/7 access to our expert engineers, and an eternal place in the Sound Sauce Hall of Fame.

But what about the sound?

Glad you asked. We think our handcrafted, analog-powered, tape-finished masters are 10 times as good as any AI master. Don’t believe us?

Send us a song and we’ll master it for you for free. You’ll get a minute simple back within 3 days. You’ll hear your music better than it’s ever sounded before – and you’ll also get a bunch of discounts when we knock your socks off.

Step 1.

Send your music file in WAV format.

Step 2.

Get a 1-2 minute sample of your music, mastered by hand in a Grammy-nominated mastering studio, within 3 working days.

Step 3.

Love the master? Get 25% off the full version. Don't love it? We'll keep adjusting until you do.

Real Experience

Sound Sauce music producers have been mastering records for over 10 years, and we’ve picked up countless awards along the way.

Bespoke Service

Machines don’t understand music. We do. And we work with our artists to get their music sounding just perfect, providing unrivalled support.

Sound Incredible

Your music has never sounded so good. Our bespoke audio processors and one-of-a-kind analog tape recorder mean we sound like nobody else.

keeping the music industry alive

Meet Sound Sauce

We’re one of the UK’s leading mastering studios – but we’re a lot more than that. We stand for a better, more inclusive music industry that rewards true artistry and creativity.

Our engineers have been working on cutting-edge music for over a decade, including Arctic Monkeys, Eska, PJ Harvey, Take That, Alfie Neale… and many more. Want to add to the list?