music mastering

What's mastering?
If you've ever finished making a really delicious meal, you'll know all about mastering. It's when you take your perfectly-baked casserole and cut it into precise slices, presenting it neatly on a plate with an exciting garnish on top.

Mastering is taking the finished mix of your music and presenting it with sparkle, edge and flourish. Without mastering, your music is still sitting in the oven in a casserole dish; tasty, yet unrefined and unpresentable.

What makes Sound Sauce's masters so special, then?
When Sound Sauce launched in 2015, it started as a mastering-only studio. We're known for our masters; they're what inspired the name "Sound Sauce". Our mastering is that special sauce that tastes unlike anything else, yet works on everything.

We've been mastering music collectively for two decades. And, unlike the bigger studios (with their mini-armies of engineers, assistants, marketers, designers and more), we're just a small team (or family, if you will), so we can spend as long as it takes to get the perfect results for you and your music. And that keeps the cost down for you - we charge one of the fairest and most affordable rates you'll find.

Tell me the dirty details!
Mastering can be quick, easy and make a huge difference to your music. That's why we keep things super simple. We charge a flat rate of £40 per track. We're all about community, sharing, and giving each other value, so we're always happy to offer reductions to anyone who's happy to help us spread the word about us - just say hi.

There's not much else to it! If you send over a quick message, we can chat with you about your project. We can talk about what it is you're creating, what you want from us.

We'll usually get the first master back within 3 days, and if you're not entirely happy, we'll keep working until you are.

Let's talk about it