music mixing

What's mixing?
If you've ever picked your own vegetables and turned them into a delicious meal, you'll know what mixing is. Earthing up the raw, muddy, beautiful chunks of music you've created and recorded, and giving them a good old scrub before throwing them in a pot together (with a hint of spice, here and there) in the most delicious way possible.

Mixing is taking each individual musical element you've recorded and combining them in a finished mix which best presents the sound, the message, and the roar of the original composition in the best possible way.

And what's Sound Sauce got to do with it?
What's your favourite sauce? That special home-made sauce that can give its unique, distinct flavour to any kind of dish in the most beautiful way? That sauce that everyone tastes at the neighbourhood BBQ, and tries desperately to recreate (without success)?

That's us. We've been mixing music for over a decade. Our mixes have their own signature flavour that people ask about time and time again. Our engineers have the knowledge and experience to apply it to all kinds of music.

Unlike the bigger studios (with their mini-armies of engineers, assistants, marketers, designers and more), we're just a small team (or family, if you will), so we can spend as long as it takes to get the perfect results for you and your music. And what's more, that means you're not paying for our marketing or staffing bill - you're paying for the perfect mix for your music, and nothing else.

Tell me the dirty details!
There's not much to say, really. If you send over a quick message, we can chat with you about your project. We're convinced that we're already gonna be great friends, and create something really incredible together.

We can talk about what it is you're creating, what you want from us, and how much it'll cost (hint: less than you think). We'll look at every option we can think of and figure out exactly what's needed to turn your ideas into reality.

Let's talk about it