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Music Promotion That Works

Reach the right ears.

We laser-target our outreach to the most influential members of the audio industry, from blogs and magazines to record labels and playlists.

Guaranteed results.

Our unique and highly successful approach to music promotion means that we can provide a guarantee on the engagements you get on your music.

Industry proven.

Build the ultimate team around your music. Over a decade of experience and exclusive extras for repeat customers makes us the perfect promotion partner.

Let's keep it simple.

1. Submission

Send us your songs in 1 click. Add some song info, bio data and artwork for maximum effect.

2. Outreach

Your music will be shared with some of the most influential people and pages available.

3. Report

A report will be delivered within 14 days with your current (and expected) engagement data.

Here are your options.

Manual Promotion

One-off manual promotion campaign

Directly target up to 50 of the most influential contacts in the music industry

Reach blogs, playlists, YouTube channels and labels

From £59

Automated Promotion

Subscription-based automated promotion service

Promote your music via music industry social pages

Free blog article on Sound Sauce

100 guaranteed shares per month


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