Tape Mastering

The holy grail in warm, analog sound

Our tape machine, a modified Studer A80, is unbeatable for its raw tape sound, subtly pumping compression and tilt-style frequency remodelling. And it’s included in all our masters for free.

Tape has long been considered the ultimate final-stage analog audio process, adding the perfect amount of analog character while retaining extremely high levels of dynamic range and an unmatched warmth and thickness. There’s no better way to finish a track than by putting it through Sound Sauce’s unparalleled tape processing chain.


Our tape machine introduces frequency “tilting”, softening the highs and adding mid-low warmth that makes any kind of music material completely comfortable and enjoyable to listen to.

Music Royalty

The Studer A80 has a long history of being used on much of the greatest music ever recorded, and our machine is one of the best around – with unique custom tape heads and modified electronics.

Completely Free!

We put all of our masters (unless otherwise requested) through our custom tape machine on fresh, unused tape – we’ve never found a cheaper tape mastering service, and we’ll beat the price of any you can find.


We use a range of analog and high-precision digital compressors, but there’s nothing better than the subtle dynamic pumping that only a quality reel-based tape recorder can provide.

Precision Conversion

Our Ferrofish converters mean that nothing is lost when making the transition from digital to analog and back.


Our machine is cleaned, oiled and maintained regularly to keep it in tip-top condition – that means no nasty surprises, artefacts, wow or flutter (only the good stuff).

We’re confident that our masters are the best you can get – but despite that, we still charge a flat rate of £40/song – one of the lowest on the market.

We’re also more than happy to produce a free sample for you – simply send us a song to get a 60-120 second fully mastered sample from us within 3 working days. If you’re happy with the result, we’ll give you a 50% discount on the full track – if not, we’ll keep working until you are.