Vinyl Mastering

Masters optimised for vinyl cutting

Mastering for vinyl is now a highly specialised skill that few mastering engineers are able to do. Making the transition from digital to analog requires a lot of additional considerations; but worry not – we’re experts in producing perfect vinyl masters (at no additional cost to our normal analog & tape masters).

Self-mastered and AI-mastered audio cannot be used for vinyl cutting, as any stereo phasing, excess sibilance or bass transience will cause the cutting to skip or the cutting house’s own limiters to kick in. Let us know you’re going to release your record on vinyl and we’ll make sure there’ll be no issue of phasing, that the transients are optimised for vinyl and that the sound will translate it into analog formats.

The Sound of History

Vinyl is still the only practical way to release music in analog format; meaning uncompressed, tactile sound, unrivalled by modern digital formats.

More Musical

The compression and warmth caused during the cutting process is naturally smooth and musical, and cannot be matched by any of today’s software or hardware emulations. 


We use a range of analog and high-precision digital compressors, and our custom Studer A80 tape machine provides the ideal gentle limiting for analog release.

Precision Conversion

Our Ferrofish converters mean that nothing is lost when making the transition from digital to analog and back.


Our equipment is cleaned, oiled and maintained regularly to keep it in tip-top condition – that means no nasty surprises, artefacts, wow or flutter (only the good stuff).

Completely Free!

Just let us know you’re planning on a vinyl release and we’ll make sure your master is good to go at no extra cost to our normal masters.

We’re confident that our masters are the best you can get – but despite that, we still charge a flat rate of £40/song – one of the lowest on the market.

We’re also more than happy to produce a free sample for you – simply send us a song to get a 60-120 second fully mastered sample from us within 3 working days. If you’re happy with the result, we’ll give you a 50% discount on the full track – if not, we’ll keep working until you are.